kids orthodontic treatment, childrens orthodontic treatment, pediatric orthodontic treatment, orthodontics It is never too soon to monitor a child’s orthodontic health and oral development. To promote early treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends screening children for orthodontic treatment by age seven. The purpose of the initial exam is to determine if there are any discrepancies that might disrupt normal growth or worsen over time.

The objective in early orthodontics treatment for children is to eliminate or minimize dentoalveolar and skeletal disorders that interfere with the growth, function, esthetics, self-esteem and overall health of a child.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment
- To prevent more extensive treatment later
- To eliminate or prevent the need for permanent tooth extractions
- To straighten malaligned teeth and correct bite problems
- To reduce tooth decay and gum problems, because straight teeth are easier to clean

It’s important to note that the earlier treatment begins, the more the child’s face will adapt to the treatment. Later treatment will need to consider the already developed facial features of the patient.


Dr. Feldhaus evaluates all pediatric orthodontic patients on a regular basis regarding the growth and development of the teeth. He is always considering when the appropriate time to begin some type of orthodontics treatment for kids. If treatment is indicated, the next step will be taking diagnostic orthodontic records. These may include models of the mouth, x-rays, photographs and other records that will help us plan your individualized treatment. A follow-up appointment will be made to discuss the orthodontic treatment that is needed. The orthodontic treatment presentation will involved the parents and Dr. Feldhaus. At this time, Dr. Feldhaus will show you the records that you had previously taken. He will outline a specific treatment plan, and explain the orthodontic process. Payment options are discussed and a pretreatment estimate is then sent to your insurance company to determine benefits that you will receive. Payment options are discussed at this time as well.

Successful orthodontic treatment for children is a partnership between the doctor, the child and the parents. Patient responsibilities are critical. These include keeping the teeth and mouth clean, seeing your general dentist regularly for check ups and cleanings, wearing all appliances as instructed, avoiding foods that can damage the appliance and keeping appointments. We’re here to help you through the entire process.