Children’s Tooth Replacement

Children's Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement, or pedo partials, are recommended when an upper front primary tooth gets knocked out or has to be removed due to extensive decay. Many parents desire a pedo partial after extraction of upper front teeth so that their child will not have difficulty with their speech, and their smile remains intact. It is also recommended to keep the space open for the permanent teeth to erupt into. An impression is made of the child’s teeth. The laboratory makes the pedo partial to match the shape and color of the existing baby teeth. The pedo partial is then cemented around the baby molars. This is usually not an uncomfortable procedure for the child.

Dr. Feldhaus will monitor the situation at each six-month re-care visit to determine when the partial is ready to be removed. The partial is removed when the upper adult teeth are ready to erupt. This is usually about age 7.

Children with a pedo partial should avoid biting on anything hard or sticky. Some examples are corn on cob, bagels, apples, etc. These false teeth aren’t as strong as natural teeth. Also be sure to keep the pedo partial clean with brushing. There is usually not a problem with food getting around the partial at all.

Parents are typically very pleased with the results gained from a pedo partial on the young child that has lost teeth early.