Choosing a pediatric dentist is very important to a child’s oral health! Dr. Feldhaus has the most advanced training in pediatric dentistry and has provided outstanding dental care to his patients for the past 25 years. Parents can be assured their childrens dental work will be done in the highest quality possible and with a caring attitude. Dr. Feldhaus is a specialist in the growth and development of the young patients mouth and may access the orthodontics of the child every 6 months. Dr. Feldhaus always takes a conservative approach whenever possible, but has the ability to create more space for childrens teeth as needed. He also has the ability to treat his own patients if the child needs orthodontic treatment. The child’s orthodontic wires are removed and teeth are thoroughly cleaned while oral hygiene is reinforced.
Debbie Feldhaus is a registered dental hygienist that has been seeing the same pediatric dental patients 25 years. Imagine, always knowing that you will have the same person doing the checkup on your child. Debbie is focused on prevention and always reinforces home care with both the patient and parent.

The goal of the practice is to have people understand the importance of regular preventive care to prevent the need for pediatric dental treatment in years to come.

Dr. Feldhaus and his team provide a unique environment because they offer comprehensive dental care for the growing child that includes preventive, operative and orthodontic dental care all in one office! The front desk personal have years of experience communicating and helping parents with their insurance benefits, schedules, and treatment options. They quickly become friends with patients and parents in the practice. It is the goal of Dr. Feldhaus and his team of professionals to provide an environment that is both positive and informative. They want the patient to have a good experience at the dental office in order to ensure a life-long commitment to good oral health.

The biggest complement that patients give to Dr. Feldhaus is that the grown patients now bring their own children to see him!!!